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3 Reasons You Need To Install Downsizing Gold by Tiberius:


Generate a Steady Stream of Empty Nester Leads

Our proven lead generation system delivers a consistent flow of qualified prospects directly to your inbox.


Maximize Your Commissions with Downsizing Experts

As their trusted advisor, you’ll be perfectly positioned to assist them with both selling their current homes and purchasing their ideal next homes.


Become the Go-To Expert in Your Market

Our landing pages will help you establish yourself as the authority on downsizing for empty nesters.

Are You Struggling to Stand Out in an Oversaturated Real Estate Market?

Attention Real Estate Agents…

It’s tough out there. You know it, I know it.

Every day, you’re up against a sea of competitors, all clamoring for the same slice of the pie.

For realtors like you, finding clients isn’t just part of the job—it’s the job.

But let’s face it, the usual tactics? They’re just not cutting it anymore. Cold calling leaves you cold. Door-knocking is downright disheartening.

And those generic ads? They seem to vanish into the void, unnoticed.

But what if the problem isn’t your effort, but your target?

Here’s a thought: Empty Nesters.

This overlooked group could be the key to revitalizing your client list and boosting your sales.

Why? Because they’re on the brink of a major life transition, looking to downsize from the family home now that the kids have flown the coop.

They need a realtor who understands their unique needs, someone who can guide them through this next phase with ease and expertise.

Enter Tiberius AI’s Tailored Landing Pages.

Imagine a tool so sharp, it cuts through the noise directly to your ideal client.

Our custom-designed landing pages aren’t just beautiful—they’re strategic, crafted specifically to attract empty nesters ready to downsize.

With compelling content that speaks directly to their concerns, these pages don’t just attract leads; they attract the right leads.

Stop spinning your wheels with strategies that scatter your efforts. It’s time to target smarter, not harder.

Let us show you how our landing pages can transform your business by connecting you with a demographic that’s waiting to be engaged.

Unlocking the Power of Precision: How My Lead-Generation Expertise Can Transform Your Real Estate Business

Hi, I’m Mark Campbell, that’s me with my son Christian.

I cut my teeth in marketing with an MBA from the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University, and I’ve been turning theories into actionable success ever since.

My track record?

Well, consider this: as one of the top affiliates for Home Advisor, my strategies generated over $12 million worth of leads for various home service companies.

Now, why am I telling you this?

Because I’m here to share these same proven strategies with you.

At Tiberius AI, we’re the new kids on the block in real estate marketing, and we’re hungry to prove ourselves.

That’s why we’re offering steep discounts and a guarantee on your success.

We don’t just want to sell you a service; we want to revolutionize how you attract leads.

Forget the usual sales pitch. I’m here to cut through the noise and give you the source—straight, no chaser.

During my time at Home Advisor, not only did I master the art of generating massive volumes of leads, but I also refined the craft of creating landing pages and funnels that truly convert.

It’s one thing to draw people in; it’s another to capture their interest and turn that into actionable, profitable engagements.

That’s the kind of conversion power I’m talking about.

Now, I want to bring this expertise directly to you, the realtor.

I’m looking to partner with a select few who are ready to see some serious results. I know the challenges you face in the real estate market—competition is fierce and every lead counts.

That’s why you need more than just a landing page. You need a conversion machine that works tirelessly to funnel potential sellers right to your doorstep.

Here’s what I’m proposing: let me use my experience in selling leads to home services and lead brokers to elevate your game.

Let’s create something tailored specifically for targeting empty nesters looking to downsize.

With your knowledge of the real estate market and my expertise in digital marketing, we can forge a partnership that turns potential into profit.

Trust me, I’m not just here to help you keep up; I’m here to help you stand out.

Let’s make your real estate business not just successful, but remarkable.

Real Conversations That Lead to Real Listings: How Tiberius Makes You the Preferred Realtor for Empty Nesters...

You might think a long-form sales page sounds like overkill.

It’s not.

In a world where everyone’s vying for attention, our long-form pages do more than just share information—they cut through the clutter.

They make you, the realtor, shine brighter than your competition.

This isn’t just about being different; it’s about being better.

More visible… More engaging…

And ultimately, more successful in capturing those lucrative empty nester listings.

Here’s the thing:

most realtors get lost in the sea of sameness.

But not you.

Not with our tools.

We’ve honed our pages to do one thing exceptionally well—sell the conversation.

That’s right. We’re not just throwing information at your potential clients; we’re crafting a narrative that pulls them in and makes them want to reach out and talk to you.

Whether they’re tapping the sticky call button on their mobiles or booking an appointment online, every element of our pages is strategically placed to turn casual browsers into serious conversations.

But we don’t stop there…

Our proven system integrates seamlessly with email and SMS follow-ups, maintaining engagement and warming up leads even after they leave the page.

And with our lead-generating surveys featuring conditional logic, we tailor the experience for each visitor, making every interaction count.

This isn’t just a landing page.

It’s a conversion machine designed around one core principle: if you can get them talking, you can get them to list.

And that’s what we deliver—opportunities for real conversations that lead to real listings.

With our unbeatable system, you’re not just staying a step ahead; you’re setting the pace, ensuring that when empty nesters are ready to downsize, you’re the only realtor they want to talk to.

Unlock the Power of Video with Our Compelling Video Sales Letter

In today’s real estate market, simply catching a potential client’s eye isn’t enough; you need to capture their interest and hold it.

That’s where our Video Sales Letter (VSL) comes into play.

This isn’t just another marketing tool; it’s a precision-engineered asset designed to build trust, educate prospects, and establish your authority as the go-to expert in the downsizing niche of the real estate market.

Educational Impact: Our VSL meticulously explains the tangible benefits of downsizing. We delve into how downsizing can dramatically reduce maintenance costs, thereby lessening the daily burdens on homeowners.

It also emphasizes the financial freedom that comes from freeing up equity—a significant appeal to those looking towards retirement or seeking a simpler lifestyle.

Furthermore, our VSL outlines how downsizing can lead to a more environmentally sustainable and manageable living situation, which is increasingly appealing in today’s market.

Authority and Trust: By featuring you prominently, our VSL positions you not just as a realtor but as a downsizing specialist.

It showcases your expertise and knowledge, building a foundation of trust with potential clients who need guidance through their downsizing journey.

This trust is crucial in converting leads into clients, as it establishes a sense of reliability and professionalism.

Motivation to Act: Beyond educating and building trust, our VSL is finely tuned to motivate prospects to take action.

With a clear, compelling call to action, the video encourages viewers to reach out for a free consultation.

This step is crucial; it transitions them from passive viewers to active participants in their own downsizing journey.

The VSL ensures they know exactly how to proceed—by contacting you, their expert guide.

Strategic Delivery: Every element of our VSL—from the script to the visuals and the pacing—is strategically designed to maintain viewer engagement and maximize impact.

We understand the importance of capturing attention in the first few seconds and maintaining it throughout the video, which is why our content is not only informative but also visually appealing and emotionally engaging.

Our VSL isn’t just a tool; it’s a strategic asset.

It works tirelessly behind the scenes to transform casual interest into serious business, turning viewers into leads, and leads into loyal clients.

Why Our Branded eBook Is Your New Secret Weapon

Let’s get real for a moment.

In the world of real estate, especially when targeting empty nesters looking to downsize, authority and trust are everything.

That’s where your branded eBook comes into play.

This isn’t just a book; it’s a comprehensive guide that positions you as the definitive expert on downsizing.

It’s your voice, your brand, and your expertise, bound together in a format that’s easy for potential clients to digest and act upon.

Imagine a resource that walks your clients through every step of the downsizing process – from decluttering their current home to staging it for sale, right through to finding their ideal new home.

This eBook does just that. It’s packed with insights and tips that aren’t just useful; they’re actionable.

We cover the nuances that matter most to someone looking to simplify their life, offering advice that resonates and reassures.

But this eBook does more than inform – it inspires action.

Integrated within its pages is a clear call to action, a prompt for readers to reach out to you for a free consultation.

It’s a soft sell, the kind that feels more like a helping hand than a marketing pitch. This approach not only warms up leads but also converts them, by fostering a connection that’s based on trust and value.

And let’s not overlook the branding. Your name, your photo, your contact information—every page of this eBook reminds readers who you are and how you can help them.

It ensures that when they’re ready to take that next step, it’s you they’re calling – not your competition.

This eBook isn’t just a tool; it’s a bridge.

A bridge that connects you to potential clients in a way that’s personal, professional, and powerful.

Let it carry your message into the homes and hearts of empty nesters ready to downsize, and watch as it turns readers into clients.


Our Custom GPT for Realtors: Your Ever-Evolving Marketing Genius

Let’s face it: the real estate market is fast-paced and constantly evolving.

Staying ahead isn’t just about keeping up; it’s about leading the charge.

That’s where our Custom Real Estate GPT for Realtors comes into play.

This isn’t your standard marketing tool. It’s a dynamic, learning engine designed to keep you at the forefront of the real estate marketing game.

Powered by Chat GPT 4, our GPT isn’t static.

It learns, it adapts, and it evolves.

This means you’re not just working with yesterday’s marketing strategies; you’re staying on the cutting edge with insights and tools that evolve as the market does.

Whether it’s crafting the perfect ad, designing a high-converting landing page, or creating any other kind of creative material, our GPT ensures you’re always ahead of the curve.

We’re constantly feeding our GPT the latest, most successful ad templates and marketing strategies.

These aren’t just theories; they’re proven tactics that have shown real results in the real estate world.

What does this mean for you?

Increased chances of launching ads that capture leads, create winning landing pages that convert, and produce creative materials that stand out in a crowded market.

All of this is done through an interface that’s as easy to use as it is powerful.

Imagine having a marketing consultant who never sleeps, a creative genius that’s always on call, and a strategist that ensures your materials aren’t just current, but leading the way.

That’s what our Custom Real Estate GPT offers.

It’s a unique resource that you won’t find anywhere else—one that turns possibility into probability, and probability into success.

This tool doesn’t just support your work; it amplifies it.

In a world where everyone is fighting to get noticed – our Real Estate GPT is your secret weapon.

It’s time to stop playing catch-up and start setting the pace. Let our Custom GPT be the power behind your next big marketing breakthrough.

Exclusive Bonus to Tiberius Members ONLY – this powerful tool is reserved solely for those within our community.


Meet Your New Digital Teammate: Our ChatGPT-Powered Real Estate Expert

Think of the last time you wished you could clone yourself to handle the overflow of client interactions and inquiries.

Now, imagine if you had a teammate who could do just that – engage, inform, and convert – 24/7.

No breaks, no downtime.

Meet our ChatGPT-powered chatbot, a digital dynamo engineered to be the real estate expert you’ve always needed on your team.

This isn’t just any chatbot.

It’s a friendly, personable first point of contact for anyone visiting your site. It’s equipped to chat about everything from the nuances of navigating the local real estate market to the specifics of downsizing for empty nesters.

And it does so in a way that’s not only informative but also engaging and warm.

This bot isn’t just smart; it’s personable, designed to make every visitor feel like they’re having a conversation with a trusted friend who just happens to know a lot about real estate.

Here’s the kicker…

While the chatbot handles the heavy lifting of initial inquiries and basic information sharing, it’s always working for you.

With each interaction, it subtly encourages visitors to take the next step – to reach out and call you, the expert behind the curtain.

It’s like having a tireless assistant whose sole job is to make sure when potential clients are ready to talk, they’re calling you.

But it’s not just about answering questions…

Our chatbot is continuously learning from interactions to better serve your potential clients.

It uses this ever-growing knowledge base to refine its responses, ensuring that it’s not only helpful but also incredibly effective at converting casual inquiries into genuine leads.

So, let our chatbot take the night shift, and watch as your leads grow and your days become more focused on closing deals rather than fielding initial questions.

It’s smart, it’s friendly, and it’s your new digital gatekeeper.

And here’s something to sweeten the deal even further: for a limited time only, this cutting-edge ChatGPT-powered chatbot is available as a powerful free bonus when you join us.

It’s our way of saying thank you and ensuring you have all the tools you need to succeed from the get-go.

But remember, this offer won’t last forever.

It’s a unique opportunity to enhance your digital arsenal with a top-tier, intelligent assistant at no additional cost.

Don’t miss out – ensure you’re equipped to outpace the competition by acting now and claiming your free chatbot while it’s still available.

Unmatched Value at an Unbelievable Price

When you consider everything that’s included in our comprehensive package…

When you evaluate the comprehensive scope of our package – starting with our meticulously crafted landing pages, which we design, set up, write, and maintain for optimum performance on secure Amazon AWS hosting, followed by our ChatGPT-powered chatbot for continuous client interaction, and our persuasive Video Sales Letter (VSL)…

It becomes clear that this suite of tools could easily be valued at over $5,000.

Recognizing that different realtors have different needs, we offer two distinct pricing packages – both starting at a setup fee of $497:

  1. DIY Package ($497 setup, $69/month): Ideal for realtors who prefer a hands-on approach, this package includes complete setup of all tools. Once set up, you manage and run the platforms yourself. It’s designed for those who are comfortable with taking on day-to-day management and want to actively engage with the tools we provide. To support you, we include detailed Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and remain available for ongoing support and guidance. This option lets you leverage our state-of-the-art tools while maintaining control over your marketing activities.

  2. Done-For-You (DFY) Package ($497/month): For realtors who prefer to focus on their core business activities, this package covers everything. Not only do we set up all your marketing tools, but we also manage your email campaigns through Active Campaign, and your custom survey marketing accounts. Essentially, we handle all the operational details, allowing you to focus solely on responding to inquiries. This package includes the added benefit of “content on demand” where we create or update one piece of content per week based on your requests—be it new landing pages, additional content, or edits to existing materials.

Both options are designed to provide tremendous value, ensuring that whether you choose to DIY or opt for DFY, you’re equipped to not just keep up with the industry but to set the trends. Remember, this is about more than tools—it’s about transforming your business. Choose the package that best suits your operational style and watch as your real estate business reaches new heights.

Why such a dramatic discount?

Because we’re a startup hungry to demonstrate our capabilities and committed to collecting case studies of winning realtors – professionals who have transformed their business with our technology.

Your success is our success, and your story could be the next showcase of our groundbreaking tools in action.

But let’s be clear…

This price isn’t permanent. It’s a launch offer, a chance for early adopters who are as driven as we are to redefine what’s possible in real estate marketing.

For a minimum investment, you get access to cutting-edge technology that’s been tailored specifically for the real estate market.

You get tools that not only draw leads but engage and convert them.

You get the peace of mind that comes from knowing you have the most innovative solutions at your fingertips, ready to deploy the moment you sign up.

This isn’t just an investment in tools; it’s an investment in transformation.

With our package, you’re not just keeping up with industry trends – you’re setting them.

You’re not just getting by – you’re getting ahead.

And you’re doing so with a support system designed to see you win.

So, take the step that sets you apart. Invest in a package that’s as ambitious as you are.

Remember, the clock is ticking on this offer.

Secure your suite of tools at this limited-time price and start crafting your success story with Tiberius AI today.

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Downsize Gold Basic

We Set It Up - You Operate It

$ 497 then $69/mo
  • Low-Cost Option
  • Custom Landing Page
  • Full Design & Copywriting
  • High-End AWS Hosting
  • Website Care & Security Package
  • Daily Backups
  • Personalized eBook
  • Video Sales Letter
  • Lead Generating Conditional Logic Surveys
  • GPT 4 Powered Chatbot
  • Easy To Follow SOPs
  • Lifetime Access To Custom GPT

Downsize Gold Tiberius

Full Professional Service

$ 497 then $497/mo
  • We Do It All - EVERYTHING
  • Complete Website Management
  • Full Service Email Marketing
  • Custom Landing Page
  • Full Design & Copywriting
  • Unlimited Content Creation
  • Ongoing Content Updates & Maintenance
  • High-End AWS Hosting
  • Website Care & Security Package
  • Daily Backups
  • Personalized eBook
  • Personalized eBook
  • Video Sales Letter
  • Lead Generating Conditional Logic Surveys
  • GPT 4 Powered Chatbot
  • Easy To Follow SOPs
  • Lifetime Access To Custom GPT
  • Email Campaign Strategy & Execution

Frequently Asked Questions

Your success is our priority. Find answers to common questions and discover how Tiberius AI can revolutionize your marketing efforts.

Why should I use your landing pages when I already have advanced MLS listings and valuation landing pages?

That's a great question. While MLS listings and valuation tools are crucial, they primarily focus on properties - not on you as the realtor. Our landing pages are crafted to sell 'you' first. They're designed to establish your brand, highlight your unique expertise, and build a personal connection with potential clients. Remember, before you can sell a home, you need to sell the conversation. Our landing pages are strategically developed to engage visitors, encouraging them to reach out and initiate a dialogue with you. This personal connection is often the key to converting casual visitors into committed clients. By focusing on selling 'the conversation', our landing pages help you stand out in a crowded market and ensure you are the realtor they choose to contact.

What makes Tiberius AI's landing pages effective?

Our team of certified experts leverages advanced AI technology to create landing pages tailored to your target audience's needs and desires. We craft compelling copy, eye-catching designs, and incorporate features like chatbots and personalized content to build trust and drive conversions. Choose between our proven DIY templates or our done-for-you service for guaranteed results.

Why do I need an eBook?

An eBook does more than just provide information - it elevates your stature in the eyes of your clients. By publishing an eBook, you position yourself not just as a realtor but as an author and an expert in your field. This inspires confidence in you and your services. Here’s the reality of offering an eBook: most potential clients may not download it. However, the mere fact that you have authored a book means you are seen as an expert, which makes you worthy of more serious consideration. It sets you apart as a knowledgeable professional who has gone the extra mile to educate and guide clients through the real estate process. An eBook also acts as an excellent tool for generating leads; it’s a high-value offering that can entice website visitors to provide their contact information in exchange for your expert insights.

Why should I incorporate video into my marketing strategy?

Video isn't just another medium - it's one of the most powerful tools in digital marketing today. Using a Video Sales Letter (VSL) as part of your strategy can dramatically improve your conversions. Video has the unique ability to convey emotion, personality, and trust in a way that text alone cannot. It adds a human touch to your digital presence, allowing potential clients to see and hear you, which can significantly boost their confidence in your services. Additionally, video content is highly engaging and shareable, which increases its reach and impact. It's also favored by search engines, which can enhance your online visibility. By integrating a VSL, you're not just informing potential clients - you're connecting with them on a deeper level, making your message more memorable and persuasive. Ultimately, this leads to higher engagement rates, more leads, and increased sales, proving that video is an indispensable part of a modern realtor's toolkit.

How do Tiberius AI's chatbots improve sales?

Unlike standard chatbots, our ChatGPT-powered chatbot is tailored specifically for the real estate market. It’s programmed to understand and respond to industry-specific queries, providing personable and insightful interactions. This ensures that your potential clients receive a highly personalized experience, making them feel understood and well-served, which significantly boosts conversion rates.

What kind of support can I expect from Tiberius AI?

Understanding the importance of reliable support, we've designed our customer service to be as responsive and effective as possible, while also keeping your costs low. While we do not offer phone support, we provide comprehensive email and chat support that ensures your inquiries and issues are addressed promptly and professionally. Our team specializes in the real estate marketing tools we offer, which means we're well-equipped to handle any questions or challenges you might face. This approach not only helps in keeping your costs to a minimum but also ensures accurate record-keeping and quicker resolution times. Rest assured, every query is logged, tracked, and managed meticulously to provide you with clear, effective solutions. We prioritize your satisfaction and strive to make your experience smooth and hassle-free. Our commitment is to ensure that you always have the support you need to use our tools effectively and maximize your business potential.
Why Tiberius?

Because we drive real results for your business.

AI-Powered Marketing

Leverage our cutting-edge AI technology to create high-converting copy, ads, and landing pages that drive results.

Customized for Your Success

We tailor your Tiberius experience to your unique business needs, ensuring maximum impact and ROI.

24/7 Chatbot Sales Team

Our AI chatbots work around the clock to engage visitors, answer questions, and boost conversions.

Risk-Free Investment

Try Tiberius with confidence, backed by our 365-day money-back guarantee and website buyback offer.

Outcomes Are Everything

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