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How to Increase Your Customer Acquisition by 214% Without Doubling Your Marketing Budget Even If You've Been Struggling to Reach New Audiences

Discover how our client, TechGen Corporation, doubled their customer base within just four months and broke into new markets without any increase in their marketing expenditure


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AI chatbots for enhanced visitor engagement and boosting conversion rates.


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Lead-gen survey proven to increase the quantity and quality of your leads.

Boost Your Conversions by Up To 214% and Expand Your Digital Marketing Reach WITHOUT Overpaying Traditional Agencies - Experience the AI Revolution with Tiberius AI

Are you tired of the constant hustle to keep up with the ever-changing digital advertising landscape? Do you feel as if you’re playing a guessing game when it comes to audience targeting and creative development?

Imagine if you could take the back seat and let an advanced technology handle it all.

Imagine if you could leverage the power of the most intelligent AI to boost your conversion rate by up to 35% right from the start.

What we’re talking about here is the breakthrough approach that’s transforming the digital marketing world – broad targeting through AI-controlled platforms like Facebook Ads. Your role? Simply select the locations and upload your creatives. The rest is taken care of, ensuring your brand message reaches the right audience at the right time, maximizing your return on investment.

But what if you could go even further?

What if you didn’t have to worry about creating those perfect creatives, irresistible offers, and captivating landing pages yourself? Tiberius AI is the solution you’ve been dreaming of. With our cutting-edge technology, we generate highly effective creatives, tailor-make irresistible offers, and design landing pages that convert like clockwork – all without you lifting a finger.

And here’s the cherry on top.

With Tiberius AI, you’re not just targeting the English-speaking audience. Our bilingual capability allows you to tap into the vast and often under-exploited Hispanic market, significantly expanding your reach and accelerating customer acquisition.

Now, you might be thinking, “Sounds fantastic, but what’s the price tag?” You’ll be thrilled to know that Tiberius AI delivers all these benefits at just a fraction of the cost of traditional agencies. Yes, you read it right – top-notch AI-driven digital marketing strategies that don’t break the bank!

Join the future of digital advertising with Tiberius AI. Let’s start working smarter, not harder. Let’s revolutionize your marketing, maximize your reach, and turbocharge your profits, all while you sit back and watch your business soar. It’s time to make the power of AI work for you. Don’t wait another moment – let Tiberius AI redefine your advertising game.

Revolutionize Your Client Acquisition

Struggling to attract the right clientele online?

Tiberius AI turns this pain into power by transforming your site into a client-acquisition magnet. We don’t just build websites; we craft innovative platforms aligning with your brand to consistently draw your target audience.

Our expertise lies in customizing effective lead-gen strategies, engaging content, and eye-catching designs to skyrocket your growth. Don’t let your dream website be just a dream – with us, dominate your industry digitally today.

Harnessing advanced AI technology, Tiberius AI also supplies clients with unique image and video creatives that redefine advertising on platforms like Facebook and TikTok. We breathe life into your campaigns, intertwining your message with groundbreaking visuals to captivate audiences and elevate your digital presence.

Imagine transforming your brand’s journey with these AI-generated advertising visuals. You are only limited by your imagination (All images are original and AI generated)

Creative Portfolio

Showcasing Our Craft: Creative Web Solutions Tailored For Your Success… because you can’t do this without a killer landing page or badass website.

A Quick Rundown On How It Works

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Are You Struggling with High Lead Generation Costs and Low Customer Acquisition?

In today’s fiercely competitive market, local home improvement businesses often struggle with expensive, ineffective lead generation methods. Are you tired of constantly throwing money at unproven tactics, only to see your hard-earned profits trickle away without significant customer gains? Do you find it challenging to attract new customers, maintain consistent client engagement, and manage appointments efficiently?

If these challenges sound all too familiar, your business growth may be at risk. Wasted resources, decreasing revenue, and potential market share loss to competitors are not just hypothetical scenarios, but real threats facing your business today.

The Solution You've Been Waiting For...

We’re excited to introduce our revolutionary Pilot Program, designed specifically for local companies like yours. With a primary focus on effective customer engagement and lead generation, our program provides you with powerful rent-to-own (or buy outright for a discount) high converting landing page system, complete with a proven lead-generating survey and an AI-powered chatbot.

With this innovative setup, your business can finally conquer the lead generation and conversion battleground.

What's Included in our Pilot Program?

Limited Availability – Act Fast to Secure Your Spot

This is an exclusive pilot program, and spots are limited. We’ve already partnered with a leading player in the home improvement industry, and they’ve witnessed substantial improvements in lead quality, customer conversion rates, and overall revenue.

Don’t miss out on this unique opportunity to revolutionize your customer engagement and lead generation strategy.

Ready to Amplify Your Business?

Just fill out the survey below to get started. Remember, this offer is time-sensitive and only available to a select few. Secure your spot in our pilot program today and watch as your lead generation and customer engagement soar to new heights.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

A: The timeline for seeing tangible results can vary greatly depending on a range of factors such as the nature of your business, your target audience, and your specific goals. However, on average, most of our partners start observing a notable enhancement in lead generation and customer engagement within the first few weeks of utilizing our services.

It’s important to note that this is more than just a simple improvement. We have numerous clients who are witnessing substantial increases in both lead generation and revenue. Some of our partners have reported seeing their lead generation rates soar by over 50%, 75%, or even 100% in just a short period of time. Similarly, the increased customer engagement often translates into a significant surge in revenue.

This demonstrates how potent our methods and strategies can be when implemented correctly. We work closely with each partner to ensure we’re maximizing their potential and helping them exceed their business objectives. Of course, each business is unique and results can vary, but the positive trends we observe across our diverse clientele speak volumes about the effectiveness of our approach.

Remember, it’s not just about quick wins but sustainable, long-term growth. We aim to equip your business with the strategies and tools that keep delivering results well into the future.

A: You get a multitude of valuable services and features aimed at maximizing your online presence, increasing conversions, and optimizing your advertising efficiency. With Tiberius you get:

  1. Single-Page Landing Page/Website: Our team of AI and human experts will craft a customized, conversion-focused landing page or website. The content will be tailored specifically for your business, designed to drive conversions, generate leads, and boost your sales. The beauty of this system is you can instantly generate as many new landing pages as you need – no limit.

  2. Monthly Ad Templates: Every month, you’ll receive expertly-designed ad templates, including video ad templates. These have been crafted to decrease your ad spend, while increasing your click-through rates (CTR) and conversions.

  3. AI Chatbot: We will provide an AI chatbot, programmed to interact with your visitors in real time, answer their questions, and guide them towards booking an appointment with you. This can greatly enhance the user experience on your site and lead to increased conversions.

  4. Marketing Survey: This package also includes access to a proven marketing survey. This tool has consistently increased lead generation, while reducing ad spend and improving the quality of the leads. Surveys are a secret weapon used by experts for years. We ensure it is utilized in the right way for maximum results.

  5. Guaranteed Improvement: We stand behind our services with a guarantee of improved lead acquisition and ad savings. If you are not completely satisfied within 30 days, we will refund your first month’s website care and hosting costs.

  6. Premium Website Care Package: Alongside our specialized services, your package includes premium website care that ensures your online presence is secure, reliable, and high-performing. This encompasses high-quality hosting on a dedicated server, providing you with optimal speed and performance. Furthermore, we prioritize your website’s security, implementing the latest safeguards to protect your digital assets. Lastly, we equip your site with premium plugins tailored to your specific needs, offering added functionality to enhance the user experience and boost overall performance. We are dedicated to maintaining your website at peak performance so you can focus on running your business.


A: Yes, absolutely. One of the core principles of our service is to empower our clients by ensuring they have complete ownership of their digital assets.

After 12 months of using our service, we will transfer the domain to you. This means that you will gain 100% ownership of your website, ensuring that you have full control over your online presence. This ownership includes all website design, content, and related assets that we have developed during our partnership.

To break it down, out of your $297 monthly membership, $100 per month goes toward your website purchase (total: $1200). Or you can opt to save 20% and buy it outright (total: $1000).

Once the website is purchased your monthly fee is reduced to $197 per month. This covers dedicated hosting, ad templates, AI bot maintenance and updates, and marketing collateral.

While you are free to move the website to any hosting you choose at that time, most of our clients prefer to stay with us for the security, performance and marketing resources we continually supply.

If you prefer to expedite this process, we also provide an option for you to pay for the website outright. This option offers a 20% savings advantage, allowing you to assume ownership immediately while enjoying a substantial discount.

In addition to website creation and domain transfer, we also offer a comprehensive suite of website and ad management services for an additional fee. Our experts can optimize your website, manage your ads, and even handle your Google Business Profile to drive even more traffic to your site, thus fostering more business.

Remember, our primary aim is to facilitate your online growth. Therefore, our services are designed to be flexible, catering to your individual needs and ensuring that you have all the tools and support you need to thrive online. Whether it’s through gradual ownership or an outright purchase, we want to ensure that your website serves as a potent tool in your digital strategy, delivering consistent value to your business.

A: Yes, there are no long-term commitments. You can opt-out at any time.

A: To keep overhead low and ensure cost savings for our clients, we don’t provide phone support. Instead, we offer email, chat, and ticket-based support, which also helps maintain accurate records of all support-related communications.

A: After you fill out the survey, our team reviews your answers and sets up a demo website for you. We will create 2 to 3 different versions of the website, allowing you to choose the one that you believe best represents your company. Based on your selection and the information provided in the survey, we’ll develop the content (up to 1000 words), purchase the domain, and set up your website.

Upon completing the website, we submit it for your approval. You have the option to request revisions, however, please note that this package does not include custom coding. We use tried-and-true templates that we have developed over time, which we customize to suit your needs.

If you need more intricate customization, involving coding and more personalized features, we can offer you a separate proposal for custom web design work. You’re also free to request this type of work at any time after you begin paying for your website care and hosting package.

Included in your monthly package is up to 2 content edit requests per month. If you require additional edits, an extra charge will apply depending on the extent of the work required.

So, don’t hesitate! Take the first step towards having a professional, well-crafted website that truly represents your business. We’re here to make this process seamless and rewarding for you, providing you with a platform that can drive your business to new heights.

Tiberius Marketing Services

Tiberius AI’s Facebook Ad Templates: The Best Way to Get More Customers for Your Business

Welcome to the showcase of our cutting-edge AI-crafted ad templates! This is where Tiberius AI’s mastery takes center stage.

We present an exquisite array of video, image, both English and Hispanic-centric ads, tailored to fit the Facebook ads platform perfectly.

Our expertise is poured into every detail of these carefully curated designs, to not only catch the eye but engage the mind.

Every month, as a valued member of Tiberius AI, you’ll receive a selection of these winning ad templates. They’re more than just templates; they’re strategic tools, aimed to boost your brand’s reach, engagement, and conversions.

Let’s transform your advertising journey into an exciting adventure of success and growth, one winning ad at a time!

Demonstration Ad Templates


ID: 1684547925963

📉 Going through a divorce? Feel like the deck is stacked against you as a man? You’re not alone. Many men feel this same pain. 😔

🔥 Don’t let yourself be trampled in the courtroom. Don’t lose what you’ve worked hard for. Don’t let your relationship with your children be jeopardized.

👊 SOLUTION? Let “Masters & Mitchell Men’s Rights Law Firm” be your shield and sword. We specialize in protecting the rights of men during a divorce. Our battle-tested attorneys will fight for you, ensuring you get a fair shake in terms of financial settlement, property division, and most importantly, your rights as a father.

📚 Understand your rights. Arm yourself with knowledge. Protect your future.

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“Your Rights Matter. Let’s Protect Them.”

Demonstration Ad Templates


ID: 1684547925963

👋 Hello, Tampa-Bay!

🏡 Dreaming of a paradise-like home transformation? We’ve got you covered!

✨ Imagine a chic, modern kitchen for your culinary experiments, a luxurious, spa-like bathroom for your tranquil moments, or even a complete makeover for your home.

Meet our team of remodeling experts – your partners in turning your dreams into reality. We bring creativity and professionalism to deliver you an elevated lifestyle experience, not just a remodeled home.

Why put off till tomorrow what you can begin today?

🚀 Start your home’s incredible journey towards paradise with us now. Click “Schedule Now” to book your appointment.

Your dream home awaits! 💫

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¿Lesión Personal? ¡Obtén Compensación!

Demonstration Injury Lawyers


ID: 1684547925963

¿🚑 Lesionado en un accidente? ¡Nuestro equipo de abogados de Abogados de Lesiones Demonstration puede ayudarte a restaurar tu vida! 👩‍⚖️👨‍⚖️

🕵️‍♀️ Investigamos a fondo cada caso para asegurar la compensación que mereces. 💰 Contáctanos hoy para una consulta gratuita. 😊 ¡Podrías sorprenderte de lo que tienes derecho a recibir! 🙌

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¿Lesión Personal? ¡Obtén Compensación!

Demonstration Ad Templates


ID: 1684547925963

¿🚑 Lesionado en un accidente? ¡Nuestro equipo de abogados de Abogados de Lesiones Demonstration puede ayudarte a restaurar tu vida! 👩‍⚖️👨‍⚖️

🕵️‍♀️ Investigamos a fondo cada caso para asegurar la compensación que mereces. 💰 Contáctanos hoy para una consulta gratuita. 😊 ¡Podrías sorprenderte de lo que tienes derecho a recibir! 🙌

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¿Lesión Personal? ¡Obtén Compensación!

Demonstration Injury Lawyers


ID: 1684547925963

Are you tired of having a criminal record haunting your past and undermining your future? Struggling to move forward when your past arrests, mug shots, and fingerprints linger in the public eye and online? Look no further – Shawn Garcia & Partners are here to fight for your fresh start.

We understand how debilitating a criminal record can be. A simple online search can broadcast your past, hindering job prospects, damaging relationships, and tarnishing your reputation.

For over 30 years, our experienced, highly qualified criminal defense attorneys have witnessed the weight this burden places on individuals. We’ve seen people like you grappling with the stigma of a public record that feels like a life sentence.

But it doesn’t have to be this way. Here at Shawn Garcia & Partners, we are unwavering in our commitment to helping you put your past behind you. Our goal isn’t just representation; it’s dismissal. We aim to not only win your case but to clear your name entirely – removing your mug shots, fingerprints, and arrest records from the public domain and the internet.

With no upfront fees and convenient payment plans, our legal expertise is accessible to everyone. Allow us to fight your battles, champion your cause, and lead you back into a life free from the shadows of your past. The time for a fresh start is now. Reach out to Shawn Garcia & Partners – because everyone deserves a second chance.


Secure your fresh start!

Demonstration Injury Lawyers


ID: 1684547925963

🔵 Drowning in debt? Losing sleep over unpaid bills, relentless calls from creditors, and the fear of losing everything?

🔴 Bankruptcy isn’t just about the numbers. It’s the constant stress, the crushing weight of anxiety, and the fear of an uncertain future that can make every day feel like a struggle. But you don’t have to face it alone.

✅ At Rimberio Law Firm, we offer a lifeline for those overwhelmed by debt. As experienced bankruptcy attorneys, we provide empathetic counsel, a clear plan, and dedicated support to help you regain control. Let us guide you through the bankruptcy process to a new beginning.

Don’t live in fear of the mail or your phone. 💼⚖️ Contact us now for a FREE consultation. Your path to financial freedom starts here! 👇


Start Your Recovery!

It’s a lesser-known fact, but the algorithm has a clear advantage over humans in two key areas.

It has superior capabilities when it comes to targeting and bidding.

However, there’s one aspect where humans decidedly outperform it – that’s creativity.

Creativity contributes to over 80% of an advertisement’s success.

Therefore, if a person excels in the creative domain, they’re poised for success.

Tiberius AI is here to supply the creative content you need. Your role is simply to “go broad” and distribute these creatives locally. Truth be told, any agency still focused on targeting “interests” is on the brink of extinction.

Why? Because the Facebook Ads Algorithm is now sophisticated enough to find the right audience for your ads.

So let the dinosaurs die out and move forward with Tiberius AI and the new era of advertising.