Your TOP SECRET WEAPON To Reaching Your Target Audience And Getting New Customers... Without Spending A Fortune On Standard Ad Platforms

We will get you more customers driving fresh interest-based traffic and warm retargeted traffic to your website. See results immediately.

Your TOP SECRET WEAPON To Reaching Your Target Audience And Getting New Customers... Without Spending A Fortune On Standard Ad Platforms

We GUARANTEE at least $500 Extra Revenue within your first 90 days or we will pay you $500! Our intent is to get you more customers driving fresh interest-based traffic and warm retargeted traffic to your website. See results immediately.

WARNING: 96% Of Your Website Traffic Will Leave Without Ever Contacting You, Booking An Appointment, Or Pretty Much Doing ANYTHING On Your Website...

Unless... You Hire Tiberius To Intelligently Remarket To Them...

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Tiberius AI

Welcome To Tiberius AI

Superior Traffic Division

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Real Results We Will Get For Your Company


Discover How Smart Local Businesses Are Using Retargeting Display Advertising And Strategies to Grow Their Business Fast!

Tiberius Cold Traffic Services, combined with Retargeting is a powerful marketing strategy that locates and reminds your otherwise “lost” visitors (who are already familiar with your brand) of your services/products, with the ultimate goal of connecting with them for an appointment and sale.

As previously mentioned, only about 4% of users who are visiting your website for the first time are ready to make a commitment, so retargeting is a great way to not only stay relevant in their minds, but to also continue persuading them of why they should follow-through.  

Studies now prove visual (or video) ads are much more effective than plain text ads such as the very expensive PPC platforms.

“With all these different ways to contact customers, it’s no wonder that Tiberius AI has become the traffic source of choice for many businesses. They offer everything your business needs including unmatched lead gen and onsite communications right when they need you most! Our lead to sales ratio increased considerably our very first month and for the first time we are making a positive ROI on all platforms. And if this isn’t enough – just take into consideration how great their site is too – our sales team rave about its ease-of-use features every day that really sets our internal team up for success…”

Nicolle Rose


Watch This Short Video To See WHERE And HOW Your Ads Are Shown To Your Local Audience For Both Cold And Retargeting Traffic:

Play Video about Retargeting Ads Everywhere

Here Is A Small Sampling Of Our Ad Templates We Use To Create Winning Ad-sets For Your Company. The secret to every successful campaign are banner ads that build your brand and drive qualified traffic. How? By applying 1000’s of hours’ worth of research and proven techniques.

Display Ad Templates
We are experts at designing winning ads to get YOU more business!


Retargeting Stats Dental
We are experts at designing winning ads to get YOU more business!

Our goal at Tiberius AI is to get your brand, offers and reputation on the world’s most recognized networks like ESPN, Yahoo, Food Network, CNN, People, Forbes, and Rolling Stone just to name a fraction of where we serve your ads.

Creating ads that we know are proven to grab your prospect’s attention and maximize your overall advertising budget.




We assess the effectiveness of your campaigns to make future ones smarter. How? By analyzing success metrics and optimizing on campaign elements.

  • Measurement & Reporting

    Reporting goes beyond measured results to create actionable marketing tasks

  • Expert Marketing Insights

    Our expert insights provide strategy for your campaign purpose and direction.

  • Measurement & Reporting

    Each campaign element goes through incremental improvements to achieve optimization.

Lead Generating Business Website

Capture More (and Better) Leads

Tiberius brings lead generation to a whole new level to first impress your visitors, turn them into leads, and finally turn them into paying customers.

Prime Directive: Sales and ROI!

Our premium traffic service utilizes best practices and additional features exclusive to our clients for maximum ROI. We understand its the bottom line that matters most...

High Impact Business Website

Extras You Will Find No Where Else!

If you want to stay in business, it’s important that your entire online presence is on point. Our services are set to build trust with potential clients so they will choose your company over the competition.

How To Get New Customers For Your Local Business On Demand


    With the support of our community, we will show you how to be a successful digital marketer so that when customers are looking for someone with experience in your area it's easier than ever before to find you!


    If you want to keep your clients longer, then our all-inclusive marketing and sales platform will be a godsend for you. Not only does it allow you to save money, by having one place where you can manage both of these processes, but also streamlining the process making it easier than ever.


    Are you ready to grow? We can help. You'll have the chance to connect with some of today's most successful business owners and entrepreneurs so they teach your marketing, nurture & fulfillment skills while automating them for maximum profit!

I love Tiberius AI because it has everything I need in one platform! In addition to a fantastic website, our sales team rave about how they can communicate with leads and customers through the central messaging system. This makes my life as a business owner so much simpler and easier – setting your internal team up for success with no hassle is just what you want out of this kind of tool..”

Rachel Robertson


Tiberius Makes It Fast & Easy

3 Easy Steps To A Better Website & More Customers

  • Complete Our Short Survey

    Answer a few basic questions about your traffic needs and budget. Some clients want nothng more than a top notch retargeting solution, while others want the whole shebang, including high quality cold traffic, SEO, display and even video ad creation. Tell us what YOU need!

  • We Send You A Written Proposal

    Based on your survey answers we will craft a custom traffic proposal for your company and send it ASAP for your consideration. 100% free and no obligation whatsoever!

  • You Start Getting New Customers!

    Upon approval, your ads and campaigns go LIVE and depending on your needs we will immediately start generating traffic and/or retargeting campaigns to keep your brand top of mind for your local audience. We take the time to set up your new Tiberius Traffic Campaigns with absolute care and precision.

In today's competitive market, you need to be ahead of your competition. Thankfully we have the best tools for getting deals and closing more sales that will help take care of all your needs in one place!

Powerful Lead Capture

To build the future of business, you need to be part of this thriving community. Get training and resources from some of today’s most successful entrepreneurs that are already making waves in their industries. Whatever your needs, Tiberius has your back.

  • On-Demand Unlimited Landing Pages

    Part of our optional care package is the ability to request additional landing pages for all your advertising needs. We got you covered in ways the competition just can't match.

  • Tiberius Superbots On Every Page

    Visitor engagement is so important it amazes us so many web developers practically ignore it! At Tiberius we give toy the option to capture and engage at will for maximum ROI at every turn.


    Businesses waste hundreds of thousands of dollars on SEO campaigns that don't even get them anywhere near the top of the SERPs. Pay not for our time, because we deliver results. Pay-per-performance SEO is an optional and addon service.

“Because of Tiberius AI, we are able to create a marketing funnel of school foodservice directors throughout the United States and provide them with content that is very specific to their needs, impacting over a billion annual school meals.”

Mandee Braden


Client Spotlight:

Private HondaJets by Jet Token

Our web development partners built this amazing website for Jet Token, a private jet service in the Southwestern US. They could not be happier with the results. Customers are enticed to enter trip details and search for available aircraft with real-time pricing. They can then sort and filter aircraft options by category and type based on their specific flight requirements.

Tired of your old website? Get your new website proposal now!

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Also Available...

Optional services to consider.

Besides customer-getting cold traffic/retargeting service, we also offer other optional services that set Tiberius apart from our competitors. Services such as world-class websites and proven landing pages, SEO, ADA Compliance, Chatbots, Reputation/Reviews, and great savings with our powerful Yext partnership.

World Class Websites

Finally: A new website that will not only get you Jaw-Dropping Sales but will give you opportunity to grow as needed. At Tiberius AI we’ve created hundreds of service business website conversion strategies since 2009 and helped many of those businesses increase their client lists by 2-3x as a direct result of these strategies.

Tiberius Superbots

AI Chatbots: Your 24/7 Sales Rep! Use your marketing expenses smartly with these AI-based chatbots that’ll engage with your website visitors, capture and qualify leads, automatically sell to your visitors and connect them with your top-rated reps. AI Bots are exceedingly efficient in fetching information and qualifying your leads. 

ADA Compliance

If your website isn’t already accessible, meaning people with disabilities of hearing, movement, sight, and cognitive ability can use it, then making it accessible is essential in your 2022 digital strategy. If your business falls under the physical ADA law then it now falls under the website accessibility law as an extension of the business.

Tiberius Business Loans

It's a tough time to run a business. And when you're trying to grow, it can be even tougher to get the capital you need. Tiberius Business Loans offers small-business loans of up to $100,000 with flexible terms and quick approval so that businesses like yours have access to working capital when they need it most. We offer competitive rates and low fees so you can focus on growing your business.

Yext Partnership

Today your business gets 2-5x more views on listings across the web such as GBP, your Facebook page or Yelp listings than on your site. There are many other directories and sites that present your business information, and with so many views you need to make your business listings just as accurate, informative and enticing as the information on your website. Yext makes that push button easy.

Pay-Per-Performance SEO!

Businesses waste hundreds of thousands of dollars on SEO campaigns that don't even get them anywhere near the top of the SERPs. Pay not for our time, because we deliver results. Tiberius AI offers a unique SEO service – Pay Per Result, 1st page ranking SEO service. This means that Tiberius works to rank your business for search phrases you choose and only gets paid when you get on the 1st page of Google.


Award-Winning Support

Tiberius AI provides around-the clock support and customized services to deliver the best customer experience. Our highly experienced Support Engineers are proactive, real time professional who can be reached 24/7 for any question you may have!


    Tiberius is the best choice if you want to be up and running in no time. We help our clients get rid of their tech worries by helping them switch over, so that they can focus on what really matters: making money!


    Your data is important and we don't want you to lose it. Leave the migration process in our experienced hands with a third-party plugin, where we can make sure that everything comes over safely!

  • 24/7 SUPPORT

    When you can't find the answer to your question in our self-training support channels, don't hesitate to contact us. Our support team will set you up and keep you going strong!

“As a photographer and a mother, it’s so important for me to have that extra time that I save using this because I can focus more on my art and I can focus more on building relationships with the clients versus the tedious mundane things that so much time didn’t need to be spent on. Tiberius has come through for my business with flying colors!

Christina Nelson


Join The Tiberius AI Movement

The best of the best business owners in our thriving, active community. Get all the training and resources you need to start or grow your company!


    The most successful and visionary business owners on the planet are here for you. Get all of your training needs met at our thriving community with plenty to offer new entrepreneurs, as well!


    It’s a well-known fact that people do business with those they know, like and trust. Companies don't make decisions-people do! Your professional network can open doors for you in ways otherwise not possible as it gives your company an edge.


    In business, the only deals that really get done are those where a personal relationship has been built over time. The real smarts behind success can be found in cultivating these types of connections and nurturing them for future opportunities.

Join The Most Successful Businesses On The Planet

Discover What Tiberius Can Do For You & Your Business

Why Tiberius AI?

Because Tiberius Gets RESULTS.

Tiberius AI is a full service digital marketing and accessibility agency focusing on servicing small businesses. We have extensive experience working with entrepreneurs in all niches including service providers, retailers and offline and online businesses.

Spectacular Results
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Hear What Our Client’s Say

"I felt completely supported as soon as I join the platform...Tiberius cares about my business and have taken my business to the next level. The technology is continuing to shift and change while getting better and better. They are providing new services and things that I love."

Debbie DuBois

Compass Marketing Creative

"It's been a complete game-changer for me. We've built our whole business around Tiberius AI now. We'll never go back."

Christine Seale

President & CEO of NerdLevel

"The degree of service and value is phenomenal. Anything that you can think of or dream of, then a few days later you find out that it is going to be released the next week. The amount of listening they do with their customers is amazing. WHO DOES THAT? I am eternally grateful for Tiberius!"

Shaun Kirk

PT Practice Success

"I never in my wildest dreams thought I was ever going to find a CRM that met our needs and our clients' needs like Tiberius AI"

Valerie VanBooven

Co-Owner of Approved Senior Network

"Once I seen this in action, I knew this was the right platform. I handle everything from lead generation, to customer acquisition, and everything in between. This has transformed my business. I'm grateful that the platform found me and always excited when there is something new. If you are looking to make a statement in the industry, you need Tiberius!"

Javier Pulido

10x Advantage

"Where else can you get high impact websites, chatbot technology, and more traffic than you could ever handle form their wonderful pay per result SEO services?... I see this as the agency of the future. Setting your internal team and your client’s up for success."

Christina Nelson

Align Studio for Pilates


Most frequent questions and answers

Tiberius AI is an industry leader in providing businesses of any size with powerful tools and research to effectively and efficiently target traffic audiences to help you get new customers.

Our passion for online display is fueled by our understanding of today’s advertising reality: cutting edge audience targeting technology has changed the landscape of local advertising.

Our goal is to get your brand, offers and reputation on the world’s most recognized networks like ESPN, Yahoo, Food Network, CNN, People, Forbes, and Rolling Stone just to name a fraction of where we serve your ads.

Creating ads that we know are proven to grab your prospect’s attention and maximize your overall advertising budget.

The objective is to drive fresh new targeted prospects to your website, increase your brand awareness and promote your reputation. In addition, we re-engage with those warm prospects that have already visited your website. We continue to market to these prospects through sites, across the entire internet, until they are ready to buy.

We do not offer phone support. Instead we offer a ticket based email support system. We do this to keep costs down for both our clients and ourselves, and to keep accurate records of communications with clients.

Reporting & Analytics

Campaign analytics are an important part in evaluating the performance of an online strategy. We supply transparent reports which provide visibility into the ad placements by website, campaign impressions, clicks, and retargeting.

Audience awareness builds over time. For this reason, it is important to be aware of not only the click-through-rate but also the delivery of impressions to your target audience.


We have a variety of both cold traffic and retargeting programs to fit all budgets, depending on your traffic needs. Click one of the buttons on this page to get a free proposal now.

We are working with the top 89 digital ad networks which represents 97% of the digital ad placements available online.

Traffic Sources

Our dedicated design team is committed to creating eye-catching dynamic ads that capture your unique brand and message.

Not only that, but we have tried and tested banners strategies that are known to generate responses. All of our work is professionally designed and set up with the latest technologies.

We can even create unlimited video creatives as well.

Design Ads


Tiberius’ best practice recommendation takes a comprehensive approach to local audience targeting.

The following information outlines how we can help drive traffic to your website to help you get more customers. By driving a consistent flow of fresh new visitors to your website and re-engaging your previous visitors with re-targeting we provide you a winning traffic strategy.

Campaign Scope

Tiberius’ proven and proprietary techniques produce responses fast. The specific actions for your campaign are based on a targeted strategy developed for your business and in consultation with your team. Moreover, because effective online advertising must adapt to the changing online landscape and competitive market forces, our tactics will likewise evolve to ensure sustainable results.

• Weeks 1-2: Launch

• Weeks 3-12: Tracking, Testing, and Refinement

• Weeks 12+: Ongoing Implementation, Split Testing and Continuous Improvement

Cold Traffic

We work with you to determine an accurate profile of your ideal customer. Through our vast ad network we place ads on the sites that would be of most interest to them. We market to everyone that visits those sites that are within your specified city or region. To maximize qualified clicks we split test sets of your product offers, branding, and reputation banner ads. As we gather data, we optimize your campaigns for best time-of-day promotion and ad placement.


Retargeting is an advertising strategy to convert those researching a product or service online into buyers. Generally, 4% of visitors convert on the first visit to a website. Retargeting focuses on re-engaging the other 96%.

With retargeting we target users that have visited your site and already had an experience with your brand. If they leave your site without taking the desired action, we show them ads as they surf around the Internet with the intent of getting them to come back and take the desired action (buy).

How does retargeting work?

A small piece of code is placed on your website header which anonymously tracks people in their browser. By placing a retargeting pixel on your website, a special cookie is placed on visitor’s browsers. When a website is visited that offers banners, it checks to see if that cookie is present and shows your ad if it is there.


Strategies For Retargeting

In addition to the general strategy of retargeting there are additional tactics that can be utilized to make a retargeting campaign even more effective.

Time On Site Retargeting: If the user stays for more than 10 seconds, then we use retargeting (better engagement rates).

Email Retargeting: If a user opens your promotional email, we pixel them and retarget them based on them being an “action taker”.

Abandon Retargeting: If a user adds an item to their cart, but does not purchase we can send a specific message to them with a “coupon code” to encourage them to complete their purchase.

Location Retargeting: Only retarget the user if they are in a specific zip code or city.

Topic Retargeting: Retargeting of a user if they visit a particular page or product on your website. This is particularly effective with E-commerce.

Engagement Retargeting: If a user takes a specific action, such as filling out a form, or purchases a product, we can retarget them with upsells, or related products.

10X Retargeting Strategy

When people come to your site only a small percentage of them are ready to buy.

For the rest of them it’s more a matter of when. For those nearly ready to buy we have only 72 hours to stay in front of those people to re-engage them for a quick purchase.

We use targeted ad messaging for the first 72 after they visit the site. For the rest we provide a series of changing ads over the next 3 months to re-engage them including offers, reputation and branding.

This 10X retargeting strategy allows us to generate response-rates 200-300% above the industry average.

Why Settle For Overpriced Ads?

Tiberius Has The Ads Services You Need!

Deciding on an advertising company – for the traffic your company must have – can seem intimidating.

But avoiding it can mean your company suffers as lead generation and new customer acquisition dwindles. You have too much at stake to not take action at this point.

With the right cold traffic, retargeting and superior marketing systems, that never has to happen.

We’re here to help.

We put together a powerful advertising and marketing system to flawlessly create and launch an automated client-attracting systems proven to explode your client list — and grow your business — FAST. 😎

Tiberius Ads And Retargeting Systems will fill your business with new qualified leads and clients every single day.

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Hi – this is Johan Larson, co founder of Tiberius AI. If you have any questions, or want me to set up a demo account for you, just contact me below and I will take care of it!