Referzip Review - Low Cost Real Estate Leads

Are you tired of spending money on leads that don’t work?

We all know the frustration of paying for a lead and having it not convert. It’s like throwing your money away!

But in this Referzip review, you will learn there is a better way to get high quality leads at an affordable price.

With Referzip, you can buy or sell real estate leads with confidence knowing they will close!

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You won’t ever have to worry about wasting time and resources again. Their easy-to-use platform ensures that every lead has been vetted by their team so you only pay for what works and nothing else.

Long story short, Referzip offers leads for $0-$1 each but those can cost up to 35% at closing depending on the agent or source offering them.

They also have a pay per lead model where each Lead is usually between 10-50 dollars with just 10%-25%. Referrals are free though and there’s no limit! The best part about this program? You get pick what type of leads you want, how many miles away from your location they will be delivered in (and their price points!), as well as which referral fee structure suits you better – all without any obligations involved other than wanting an increase referrals.

Referzip is a company that specializes in generating buyer and seller leads. With over two decades of experience, they’ve helped countless real estate agents generate more sales for their clients by using technology to make the process easier than ever before!

It’s no secret that moving in and around busy towns, cities or suburbs can be quite difficult. That is where we come into play!

They get a high volume of leads because people are looking for new homes like you’re trying to buy one too – They are a valuable resource for generating leads in the most profitable markets.


Low Cost Real Estate Leads That Flat-Out Work

ReferZIP uses artificial intelligence and APIs to qualify each lead. They have a conversation with our bot which then sends you an offer based on your needs!

Why should you use Referzip Leads?

A real estate agent will be reaching out to each prospect via call or SMS, so every new lead is aware that someone’s looking for them. Plus it saves time and money in advertising by targeting only those people who are most likely interested!

We want to make sure you’re converting people who are qualified, so we did a study with 3 ISA companies. Their conversion numbers showed an average of 12-23% of leads turning into appointments or calls being transferred over the phone! Whether or not they hire is up in your hands now; if it sounds like something that interests and concerns YOU then don’t wait any longer because time will be against US once someone else gets this position first!!!

How Many Real Estate Leads Can You Handle?

What if you don’t get enough leads? Well, they offer a money back guarantee. And the funny thing about them is that not only will your investment be safe but also over-delivering on every level! You’ll never fall short or under deliver so there’s no need for any worries whatsoever when it comes for these guys to help out in whatever way possible.

It’s important to call the lead because it makes both of us look bad if they hear from no one. Did you know a study showed over 50% Real Estate Leads in general never get called or text? They are looking for someone like yourself-someone who can help them succeed, and Referzip wants this business too! Once we’ve established our relationship with these exclusive prospects as well, then let me show how much value there is when working together by discussing your options.

The quality of leads is the best you can find. They offer very short-term contracts because we know they are good but also because they want to make sure sending them our way will be a win for both parties – that’s how Referzip works! You’ll see right away and I know your happy with these referrals too; as long as there’s success shared, then everyone wins on this deal (and it doesn’t hurt having some really awesome referral fees).

Tiberius AI is an authorized vendor for Referzip, and as you might expect, we can give you an amazing deal you will find no where else, at any cost.

Join Referzip through our link and we will set you up for a lifetime subscription to our power CRM. 

Not only that, but we will throw in a proven landing page you can use for your own  lead generation. 

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The catch?

Well yeah, there is one small flaw in the system…

They are not gods. There are limitations on the amount of leads they can produce, so they can only sell lead to 3 real estate agents/brokers in any given area.

So if you are keen on exploding your Real Estate business, totally beyond what you ever thought possible, then do yourself a favor and give Referzip a test!

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