CRM Help Videos

Getting Started

1.0 General CRM Overview
1.1 Settings: Profile
1.2 Settings: Company
1.3 Settings: Team Management
1.4 Settings: Integrations
1.5 Settings: Pipelines
1.6 Settings: Phone Numbers
1.7 Settings: Templates
1.8 Facebook Connectivity
1.9 Dashboard Overview
1.10 Conversations
1.11 Opportunities
1.12 Stripe Integration
1.13 Contacts & Smart Lists
1.14 The Dialer
1.15 Settings: Integrating Mailgun
1.16 Settings: Twilio Integration


2.0 Campaigns
2.1 Bulk Requests
2.2 Trigger Links
2.3 Form Builder
2.4 Survey Builder
Add Chat Widget To Website
Creating an appointment reminder campaign
Building Emails In the HighLevel


3.0.1 Scheduling: Creating Calendars-I
Zoom Integration
3.0.2 Scheduling: Creating Calendars-II
3.0.3 Scheduling: Creating Calendars-III
3.1 Integrating Google Calendar
3.2 Add Payments to Appointments
3.3 Integrating Outlook Calendar


4.0 Triggers: Overview
4.2 Forms and Triggers
4.3 Appointments and Triggers
4.4 Triggering Actions with Trigger Links
4.5 Task Reminders with Triggers
4.6 Exporting Data With Zapier
Using The Positive Intent Trigger
Activate Google My Business Chat

Funnel Builder

5.0 Funnel Builder


6.0 Memberships: Site Setup
6.1 Membership: Product Setup
6.2 Memberships: Product Customization
6.3 Memberships: Product Content
6.4 Membership: Offers and Checkout
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