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Advanced GMB Tactics

Dominating Even The Most Competitive 3 Packs

We are experts in guiding people to the top of Google’s search engine rankings. We’ve helped our clients gain millions of page one listings, which has led them to tens and tens of million dollars for their local businesses around the globe.

While the basic methods outlined in the above videos are an essential starting point (do not skip them!), the following advanced tactics will practically guarantee your inclusion in the highly sought after 3 packs. 

What’s The Goal?

To help your business dominate the top of Google, becoming the perceived market leader and transform your business by the sheer volume of traffic, calls and revenue these tactics will bring.

The Secret Is Citation Building

This is one of the resources we have used to generate stellar results for many clients.  We would white label their service, which costs us just $135, and charge clients $1200+. That is the dirty secret of marketing agencies. They find high quality services which can realistically be purchased dirt cheap… and resell them to unsuspecting clients for obscene markups.

Fortunately for you, we no longer operate in that space. Instead of marking up services, we hand you the wholesale providers on a silver platter. 

That said here is the resource we recommend at this time: 

Citation Builder Pro

We recommend their 200 Citations package for $135. PLUS they do a full citation audit, also upload your logo, and photo(s)/videos, citations, etc.

Once you have gone through the above videos and optimized your GMB listing then use this service to beat even your biggest competitors, and secure your position in the 3 packs!


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