Birthday Marketing Ideas For Small Business

Life is good and you feel it in the air. You are at a birthday dinner with friends, enjoying fantastic conversations, delicious food and drink-life couldn’t get any better! Suddenly you see something that makes your day even more wonderful: A bright post card tucked next to salt & pepper on the table reads “Sign up for our Birthday Club!” Of course I sign up right away – who wouldn’t want another fabulous meal like this?

Birthday Marketing Ideas Small Business

How To Create A Successful Birthday Marketing Strategy

“You say it’s your birthday
It’s my birthday too, yeah
They say it’s your birthday
We’re gonna have a good time
I’m glad it’s your birthday
Happy birthday to you”

-The Beatles

“What birthday?” You can ask your birthday clients. The rest of us are celebrating birthday every day because birthdays bring extra joy to our lives. We enjoy birthday parties, birthday gifts, birthday cakes…and we all like birthday surprises!

As a small business owner you want your customers to feel special, right? After all the purpose of marketing is to reach out and connect with people in ways that other businesses do not or cannot.

This article will give you birthday marketing ideas for your small business, and strategies to make your customers feel personally connected to you as a business person who makes them feel good about doing business with you…and maybe (if it’s their birthday) they’ll think of you, and your local business.

Birthdays are a time of celebration for most Americans. We love the opportunity to get something special with our birthday, like promotions that celebrate us!

As small business owners you can tap into these good feelings by hosting your own promotion on or around their birthdays and offer promotional items such as automotive services, home services or food from local restaurants in order to bring new customers through doors but also preserving customer loyalty. How can you make an even bigger impact? Include direct mail marketing because people receive so many emails per day that one tangible piece will always stand out amongst them all—and it’s sure to be eye-catching when they open up your package on! their birthday.

Growing your birthday clientele will be easy when you offer birthday cards to people who sign up for your birthday club and are loyal clients. These birthday card can have a variety of uses from greeting cards, invitations, coupons or birthday party invitations making them a staple in any small business marketing needs. Grow your birthday customer base with these birthday weekly offers that include food deliveries, mobile car washes and more! Your customers will love the personalized attention!

A birthday freebie is a great way to promote almost any type of product or service so here is my advice on how to get more out of it:

– Use attractive colors (to make the card or postcard design stand out)

– Be creative with pictures they will like

– Feel free to share birthday stories with your customers

– Use key birthday words, such as birthday party in the headline or birthday offer attached to each birthday card (which will make your birthday cards stand out)

Now that you have a few tips on how to get more out of your birthday marketing which has become a staple for my small business. This is only the beginning; there are many other ways you can do this but it all starts with local businesses and especially birthday businesses building relationships with their community through birthday promotions. With any luck this article will give you some ideas that can make your customers feel personally connected ultimate helping them really enjoy their day!  

When they sign up for the Birthday Club they should be offered multiple enticing birthday offers and birthday coupons. You can promote birthday discounts on birthday packages or birthday parties, birthday gifts or birthday services. You can also offer birthday bargains in the form of birthday club promo codes which are not only good for a month but for a year as well! That’s quite an incentive to get them to sign up.

To create a successful birthday marketing strategy, you’ll need to do some research. The first step is to gather your customer’s data and figure out what makes them tick! Gather month-day information from each of your customers or offer birthdays club registration so that they can share their personal details with you in order for the two of us (you and me)to work together better as partners.

If you’re not as lucky as we are to have a robust in-house client list, there’s still hope! We recommend creating and using an instant point of sale terminal or tablet so that customers can interact with your business. What better way than offering them something special when they fill out one of these forms? You could offer coupons for their next visit–or maybe even the chance at some free product samples too.

Use Direct Mail With Your Birthday Marketing

You can generate more sales by sending out a mailer and offering customers who mention the mailer during their birthday month an amazing “surprise” gift. This will entice them to stop in your store for at least one item, possibly do something else like make an appointment or bring someone with them too!

Tie it together and include a special offer. If you take a picture of yourself on your birthday in our company hat, or next to one of our favorite wait staff members, we’ll give you the opportunity for some free swag (or something better) if yo upload that photo to social media! The more people who see this great moment with us at work will be even MORE excited about coming by again soon. Happy Birthday!!

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