Birthday Marketing Course

by Tiberius AI

Birthday Marketing Intro

We’re so excited to have you here! Your investment in yourself is going to take you on a journey towards freedom and flexibility.

Isn’t that what we all want? Unlike others who make promises about their ambition, I’m glad you took the first step by investing in your future and learning such an invaluable skill.

Birthday Marketing is truly a skillset that will pay dividends for years to come. 

You may be a rookie aiming to wet your feet or an expert looking for more skills.

This program will be the fast and simple pass into this thrilling method of local marketing. In fact one of the only remaining Facebook Ads methods that wasn’t completely decimated by their recent targeting changes…

That of the ability to target by birthdays.

No matter what stage you’re at, there’s that eternal question which haunts our hearts every morning: how can we live life as we want it? How can we make our local businesses more prosperous?

This simple step by step rundown will give you at least some of those answers.

First up, if you are new to taking n the responsibility of local paid marketing, and juggling your thoughts between whether you will make it or not, screw those thoughts.

Keep your disbelief and suspicion aside, at least for a couple of hours. Will you?

Okay, now please fire all those big ol’ excuses, roll up your sleeves and move into the thick of the action because this is a very real opportunity to expand your business beyond your wildest dreams

If you take consistent action in the right direction, you can live life on your terms – when you want to work, with whom you want to work, and how much you want to work.

How to get more customers?

Most business owners hate that glossary, cutesy branding strategies that suck dry their money and time with minimal to zero sales results.

These local business owners are willing to invest, but they want to cut all that awareness crap and focus on getting better results faster.

And the skills you’re about to learn will help you get a steady stream of leads and customers coming to them every day, immediately separating you from other consultants.

I’m sure you must be excited looking at the opportunity that stands before you. So keep that momentum going.

I have liposucked all the fat and handed you the lean-mean, most straightforward way to break your path to local business marketing success.

But it is you who has to wear the smart pants and do the pull-ups. I can’t do it for you. It is you who has to have a winning mindset.

Look, I had no extra talent when I started—no privileged connections. I’m an ordinary guy from a small town. Like the one you have in front of you, I just leveraged the opportunities and took massive actions to build Tiberius.

And you know what, it produced life and income-altering results. My lifestyle, income, sense of security and confidence that I now have, and the feeling of fulfillment of giving my two kids and wife a life that we’ve always wanted are invaluable.

Listen up, most often, you need one good idea, one good strategy, and one good action plan to turn things around forever.

So take this birthday marketing program seriously. It is your pass-key to break into highly successful local business marketing in as short as a week. Without relying on an expensive blood sucking agency…

Because everything is laid out for you logically, piece by piece, so by the time you finish, you’ll know exactly how to solve one of the most significant problems of local business owners.

With my proven shortcut formulas, you will get up to speed with confidence

Leads The New Way

You will learn how to run highly targeted campaigns using an often overlooked Facebook feature (targeting by birthdays) that allows you to reach hungry buyers. And by hungry buyers, I mean people who are most likely to buy a product or service in a specific time frame.

I’m going to break this into bite-size pieces.

So what’s this specific time frame when people are emotionally charged to give away their money on things they like.

It is their ‘Birthday.’ Almost everyone feels special on their birthday, don’t they? They love to self-indulge with gifts, treats, and celebrate it with friends, families, and colleagues – no matter how crazy busy their life may be.

Generally, psychologically, they are in a happy mood and primed to spend money on things that make them feel good about themselves. Some even plan their lifetime investments like a car or a house (or home renovation) on their birthday.

So guess what is going to be our strategy? You’re right. Will we reach out to them on their birthday month or week, or the day with an offer that’s hard for them to resist?

Now before I walk you through how to run birthday campaigns, let’s have a glance at how this simple strategy is the surest, most straightforward, and stress-free way to break into the local consulting business and produce results.

And do not be concerned that you do not have the time… this method is so easy to set up, and so fast, you will wonder why you thought paying an agency thousands of dollars per month was a smart thing to do.

Fact is, with the right tools in place, such as a good landing page and top notch CRM (blatant pitch, sorry) – birthday marketing on Facebook is probably one of the easiest marketing systems you will ever come across.

Birthday Marketing Ideas

Making It Happen

First, you will need to offer something at a discount or for FREE.

For example, a restaurant can offer a free meal; personal trainers can offer 1st free session, Gym – 3-day free trial. Got it? Great.

For other types of business, such as home improvement, for example, you will need to come up with something unique, like and report on how to increase the value of their home, or even as simple, as a free roof inspection.

Or even a “free” estimate for a renovation project. Even though you may offer that anyway, the mere fact that you ae targeting those on their birthday and wishing them a happy birthday will make your sales message stand out. 

And much more effective.

These people will need a CODE to redeem the gift or offer. So when they click on the ad, they land on a form that is within Facebook. Everything is within Facebook, but it is best to have a good landing page for them to check out as well.

An Invaluable Resource - Fiverr!

One of the dirty secrets of marketing agencies is they outsource their work to Fiverr. All. The. Freaking. Time.

You, on the other hand, are way to smart for those shenanigans. Right?

You, as the savvy marketing business owner (or marketing director) know that the best way to save thousands is to go straight to the source. 

Need someone to set up your Facebook Business Account and ads? Fiverr. 

Need a marketing video? Fiverr. 

Need a website… NOT Fiverr. A good landing page – that gets results – is one of the exceptions where you would NOT want to go through Fiverr. Trust me on that. 

Fiverr is ideal for mundane tasks (like Facebook Ad Account setup) with the exception of videos and voiceovers. They DO have some great low cost resources for marketing videos and voiceovers, but even there you need to give them a good script to work with. 

(type in “Facebook Ads” (or anything you need) then sort by best selling. Then choose the best rated gigs. Done. Save thousands.)

Here Are A Few Facebook Ads Gigs

Otherwise, just do a search on Google/Facebook/Youtube for step by step instructions on setting up your Facebook Ads Business Account, if you prefer doing it yourself. But Fiverr just makes your mundane marketing tasks a whole heck of a lot easier!

In fact, you can even outsource the ad setup itself, or just follow along below and learn to do it yourself. 

I do recommend you learn the basics of Facebook Ads yourself so you can more intelligently oversee any outsourcers you may hire in the future.

So let’s continue…

Once you are on your account, go to the Campaigns tab and click the green button. Choose Lead Generation:

Scroll down. Name your campaign. Name your ad set. Name your ad. Click on continue.

On the next page, make one change. Scroll down to the bottom and make sure the Customer Optimization button is ON. (This will enable FB to adjust your ad as time passes to get the best results for a lower dollar amount automatically!)

Enter a daily budget. $10- $15 works well for many niches. The more, the better. $5 may be in some industries, but I’ll recommend $15 or more a day.

Click on Next. On the next screen, we are going to choose an Audience. Make sure you see your Business Page. If you don’t see it, you may have multiple pages. Click the drop-down and choose the appropriate page.

Scroll down to the bottom until you see Audiences. Go to location. Remove the US from the location because we are targeting locals.

For this example, we are helping a business owner who owns a restaurant, and we are targeting cities in and around where they are.

You may choose nearby cities also. Because keep in mind people can travel a little bit longer on their birthday especially if they are getting a discount or a free meal.

Another way is to adjust the mile radius. See what works best but keep in mind that we have to make this audience as vast as possible.

Scroll down to detailed targeting. Depending on the niche, this can be very specific or very broad. For instance, in restaurants, there’s nothing much we can do as everyone enjoys eating out.

If your business is in Home Services, for example, you can just choose the best zip codes that have the type of homes you prefer to service, and keep it broad. Facebook will quickly learn who to target…

Now under Detailed Targeting, type in “Birthday.” Now choose the month to target those people whose birthday is in that month.

As you move ahead, I’ll show you how to target some of the hottest niches for these campaigns. You won’t find these exact demographics details that are working right now anywhere on google or Youtube.

For example, with bars, you can target beer lovers as shown below. First, click “narrow audience” then choose “beer” as a target under the “interests” category.

One crucial step, under the ‘The Location,’ make sure you choose People Living In This Location.

Scroll down and leave it as ‘Automatic Placement.’ This will allow Facebook to determine where your ads are performing the best, whether it’s Instagram or Facebook newsfeed or Stories.

Now scroll down and click “next” on the bottom right of your screen.

Setting up the FB Lead Form

Now let’s create the Lead From within Facebook.

Skip down to about mid-screen and go to the form creation window

Name your Lead Form. Choose ‘More Volume’ for Form Type. Scroll down to the “Intro” section and “Use the image from your ad.”

I’ll show you how to easily create an image for the ad using the picture from your website.

Scroll down to the “Greeting” section and insert the same headline and description that you used on your ad. Make it simple. That’s the beauty of these ads; you won’t have to sell hard. (Feel free to copy mine)

For example, Get half off your birthday meal!

Description – Come see us any time during your Birthday month! One code per customer is valid in July.

Under ‘Choose the type of information you need’ you won’t need many details, just customer’s Name, and Email id and if they use SMS marketing, then you also choose the Phone Number.

You collect email so that clients can build an email list and create email campaigns and run further promotions if they want.

FB requires a “Privacy Policy.” If your client does not have one, you can go here to create one for free.


Or, have us create a hard hitting landing page for you at Super Landing Pages (Tiberius AI owns Super Landing Pages) and we always include ALL legal pages , marketing video, survey (much better than a mere form!) and backend CRM for proper lead nurture and follow-up.

Input the link into the appropriate field. The headline on the Thank You Page says, Thanks! You Are All Set!
In the description, put the CODE, and it can be anything that you make up.

Click on the Publish.

Now pat on your back! You are all done.

Next, I’ll show you how to use this form.

Local Birthday Leads Ad Setup

You’ve done the targeting. You have set the budget. You have created the form. Now what should you do next ? Place these ads in front of the people who have birthdays in the specific month.

Let’s go ahead and set up that ad.

So after you have clicked on the Publish in the last session, you will land back on the Ad set up screen.

Make sure the FB page for the client is selected.

Go all the way down to ad creative.

Choose ‘Single Image Or Video’.

Any image that shows up, clear it.

Choose a picture that best suits the services – like a delicious meal or the gym instructor in action. You don’t need flashy, ultra-high-quality images. Standard, realistic, good-quality images are better attention grabbers for these kinds of ads.

Go and upload the photo/image.

Use the simple copy we’ve discussed earlier.

Primary Text – 50% of your next meal… ON US!

Headline – Your Birthday Is In July? Get half off FREE CODE

Description – Simply Get Your FREE CODE…. Present it at the Check out… And BOOM! Happy Birthday!

The best call to action is – ‘Get Offer.’ We have tested Sign up. However, Get Offer gets better results.

Get down at the ‘Instant Form.’ We have already created one in the previous section.

Click on ‘Create Form.’ Choose the form you have already created.

Get down at the bottom and click on Publish. That’s all it is.

And it could take a couple of hours or a couple of days to get approved – usually, it doesn’t take that long, though. Once it is, just let it go for about five days without adjusting anything. And in many markets, you won’t have to change anything, and
leads will start coming in.

This service is low maintenance. It is pretty much ‘set and forget.’

Onward in the next section, I will reveal some of the hottest niches and how to target them.

Remember, if your particular business in not listed, just use the ones I discussed as a model for brainstorming, or just contact us for assistance. As mentioned above, the home services space is best left broad, using zip codes for targeting.

If you try to target by income you may find your costs increase prohibitively, but you are free to test. 

Unfortunately FB no longer allows you to target by home ownership, but we have found zip codes to be sufficient in most cases.

Let’s jump to the next section and learn about the hottest markets for these kinds of offers and ads!

Targeting For Beauty Salons

You are going to target women for salons – nail salons or hair salons. It’s one of the largest and most accessible markets for you to crack.

Because most women actively seek such offers during their birthday month or week.

You have to place your ad in front of women whose Birthday is in the current month or next.

So what you have is simple. In the Targeting Section, choose Birthday Month.

In Narrow Audience, target women who are interested in Beauty. So type in Beauty.

There will be so many options to choose from. We are going to choose what works best.

Select Beauty Brands.

You can go deep and choose specific brands like ULTA. My wife shops there, and there are tons of people around here who are interested in this brand. But remember, the audience has to be in millions.

You can go ahead and target only the specific brand or both, depending on where you are.

You can be creative in creating offers – for example – Free manicures or Discount on Hair Coloring.

Decide what best would attract your ideal customers and create those offers.

Targeting For Tanning Salons

Well, Tanning Salons are one of my favorite niches and often overlooked. But it’s a very receptive niche if you are targeting them in a suitable month of the year.

Again this is going to be a simple and almost the same process.

You will be targeting people with Birthdays in a specific month or next.

Click on the Narrow Audience.

Simply target people who are interested in Tanning. Avoid specific targets like Tanning equipment, Tanning lamps because these audiences may not be suitable for the Tanning services.

So keep it simple, select Sun Tanning and Sunless Tanning – this targeting itself would be huge enough to keep you busy!

Targeting For Gyms

With gazillions of awareness campaigns and thousands of books on why it is so critically important to be fit has erupted an ever-increasing interest in personal grooming among men and women from 15 years to 65 years of age – this niche is

The truth is, most customers are right now sitting on the borderline and just need a pull, and these offers can easily pull them inside without much effort.

This is ideal for Gym owners, Personal trainers, Yoga instructors, or more in a similar category.

The process is the same. You will be targeting people with Birthdays in a specific month or next.

Click on the Narrow Audience and choose Weight Loss (fitness and wellness), or you can select Physical Fitness.

Remember, you do not want to complicate this – keep it simple.

Targeting For Bars

Here you have the opportunity to widen your geography. You won’t have to be confined if you are in a tiny countryside place; you can target large cities like Atlanta or Dallas, or New York.

You already know the process, don’t you? In the demographics, you can choose the Birthday month.

Then choose Narrow Audience. You will see, and they must also match, here you pick an audience interested in Beer or Bars.
That’s it. It’s a massive audience to target.

To further improve the targeting, you can change the age group from 18 to 65 to 20 to 20. But make sure you are targeting a larger city. And their Birthday is coming next month.

Targeting people turning 21 in the next month is an excellent tactic to get a massive list of customers for bars.

Targeting For Restaurants

This is one of the easiest converting and very receptive niches more readily in people’s birthday month.

Here too, you have the opportunity to widen your geography. You won’t have to be confined if you are in a tiny countryside.

And throughout the program, we have taken restaurants as an example, so there’s nothing to cover here.

Just narrow the audience to people who like food, or you may choose a particular food category, but the audience should be at least a million to get significant results.

Targeting For Professionals

Here you have to take one additional step because professionals won’t sell a tangible product or service like lawyers, insurance agents, etc.

And in some cases, you can’t give away a discounted or free offer. Like a realtor can’t give away a house on a discount and a parking space for free.

If this is your field, you have to think of another angle.

Here you can leverage your network. For instance, the insurance agent would know many bars or salons or bakery owners, retail shop owners and team up with them for the offers. You can also connect with business owners in your network.

What insurance agent can tie up, let’s say, with the local coffee shop and offer discounts and freebies to his customers. That way, coffee shop owners get a chase to serve new customers, upsell them and turn them into repeat customers.

All you do is figure out who is going to partner with and what their offering will be. Now everything else is going to be the same. You can use similar ad copy and graphic prompting 50% discount on the food or baked goods or coffer whatever the offer is.

So if you are targeting insurance agents, under Detailed Targeting, type in Insurance. If you want, you may choose a specific category like Like Insurance, Health Insurance or Vehicle Insurance, etc.

So depending on the niche, you can be a bit creative. For example, if you target Social Security Administration, you might also be interested in Final Expense Life Insurance.

Let’s say you are targeting Real Estate, do not just choose Real Estate in detailed targeting because you may attract many people you don’t want like other Real Estate agents.

So think about it, people who are buying real estate, what they are searching for, and what interests them. Probably websites like Zillow ( Home search website) or Realtor.com – this way, you can tap a better audience.

If you’re a real estate lawyer, try choosing Zillow or Trulia.

Because somebody is searching for a home on Zillow, there are high chances they will buy a home in the next few months. And they would need a Real Estate lawyer to handle the closing document.

Make sense?

Let’s take Personal Injury. Looking at the size of the audience, you can target the entire state.

Or Elder Law, that’s a huge market. So can target people interested in Social Security right now it shows an audience of over 3 million, and a good percentage of these people would need a will.

The bottom line, if you are a professional, be creative while choosing the audience. And since you may not be able to offer discounts or freebies, you can easily tie with other local business owners for a win-win deal.


Business Success

Congratulations - You Win!

Birthday marketing is a good way to enhance the brand’s reputation and build trustful relationships with audiences. It naturally engages people who will share their positive experiences verbally or on social media, creating more buzz for your company in both word of mouth as well as online!

With the help of birthday marketing, brand marketing can be greatly enhanced and audience relationships can be developed.

Your customers are engaged and will share their positive experiences with others, thus creating more buzz for your company. Consumers will see the benefits in this approach and share what they learned with other people.

If you really want to excel at this powerful marketing strategy, Tiberius AI can absolutely help!

Tiberius AI is an artificial intelligence marketing company that helps their customers capture leads, build customer relationships, and measure performance. We help small businesses with lead generation for both inbound and outbound sales efforts. We also provide analytics and insights to their clients so they can best use the data that they have available.

As a startup, Tiberius AI has been able to implement a growth strategy quickly and adaptable to the ever-changing needs of today’s marketing landscape. The founder of the company has successfully applied his leadership skills to growing his team by hiring top talent from Google, Facebook, CNBC, and other industry leading brands.

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