So...Who IS Tiberius Caesar Anyway?

Besides Captain James T. Kirk’s awesome middle name, I actually named my company after an actual Emperor…

Here’s a few facts about a Caesar named Tiberius…

Tiberius Caesar, also known as Tiberius Julius Caesar Augustus, was a Roman Emperor who ruled from 14 AD to 37 AD. He was the son of Livia Drusilla and stepson of Augustus, the first Emperor of Rome. Tiberius is known for several accomplishments during his reign, including:

Military success: Tiberius was a skilled military commander and led successful campaigns against the Germans and the Pannonians. He also expanded the Roman Empire by annexing new territories, including parts of modern-day Croatia and Slovenia.

Administration and governance: Tiberius was known for being a competent administrator and for maintaining the stability and prosperity of the Roman Empire during his reign. He also implemented several reforms, including measures to combat corruption and to improve the efficiency of the Roman bureaucracy.

Building projects: Tiberius was responsible for several building projects in Rome and throughout the Roman Empire. These included the construction of aqueducts, roads, and public buildings.

Cultural achievements: Tiberius supported the arts and humanities, and under his patronage, Rome saw a flourishing of literature, philosophy, and the arts. He was also a patron of education and supported the establishment of schools and libraries throughout the Roman Empire.

Family and personal life: Tiberius was married twice, first to Vipsania Agrippina (the daughter of Augustus’ close friend Marcus Vipsanius Agrippa) and later to Julia the Elder (Augustus’ daughter). He had several children, including a son, Drusus, who was his heir apparent. However, Tiberius withdrew from public life in 26 AD and retired to the island of Capri, where he was rumored to have engaged in a number of debaucheries.

Legacy: Tiberius’ reign was marked by a number of successes, including military victories, administrative reforms, and cultural achievements. However, his later years on Capri were shrouded in controversy and he was rumored to have engaged in a number of cruel and eccentric behaviors. As a result, Tiberius’ legacy is somewhat mixed, with some historians praising him for his accomplishments and others condemning him for his excesses.

Death: Tiberius died on March 16, 37 AD, at the age of 78. His death was shrouded in mystery, with some historians suggesting that he may have been poisoned by his own advisers. He was succeeded by his grandnephew, Caligula.

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