A flying car has taken to the skies today.

A flying car completed a 35-minute test flight between cities on Tuesday, Slovakian company AeroMobil said. The company tested the vehicle’s ability to take off and land vertically in what it claims is the world’s first manned airworthy prototype of a street-legal flying car.

The model was designed by Stefan Kleinman and co-founded by Juraj Vaculik, according to AeroMobil. It has two seats, foldable wings that can be converted into wheels for driving on roads or landing gear for taking off from grass or snow runways. “We wanted to show that this technology is no longer science fiction,” Vaculik told CNN Business about his journey with Kleinman over 20 years ago before founding the company in 2010.

Flying Car

The test flight was completed over the capital city of Bratislava on Tuesday afternoon and lasted slightly more than a half hour, according to AeroMobil. The company didn’t say how high it flew or how fast it traveled, or whether the vehicle is expected to go into production. However, Vaculik said AeroMobil has received “several hundred” queries about future purchases so far.

The flying car doesn’t come cheap -– potential buyers will have to pay nearly $1 million for their own set of wings and wheels. Pricing is based on luxury items such as “bespoke” seats upholstered with leather, but these can be removed in order to save space during the flight.

“Manned vehicle flights are hard to come by for obvious reasons,” according to the website, “but it is also difficult to imagine a future without flying cars.”

AeroMobil previously announced plans in October 2017 for its 2018 test flight and said at the time that it was looking into production of the new model of its vehicles as soon as 2019. The company has since been granted an experimental airworthiness certificate from Slovakia’s Ministry of Transport, although there have not been any announcements about when early adopters can expect their orders to be fulfilled.

The latest prototype remained on ground during Tuesday’s test run but AeroMobil says on its website that the modern version of what it calls “street-legal airplanes” can take off from 172-foot long runways. The ability of the vehicle to fly and land vertically means it could also be useful for search and rescue operations, according to AeroMobil.

It’s no stretch of the imagination that flying cars are a passion project for some tech visionaries like Uber CEO Dara Khosrowshahi. In July 2018, Khosrowshahi said he is confident about making flying taxis commercially available in Los Angeles by 2020 . He told Bloomberg Businessweek that such vehicles would have “more than 100 miles range , vertical takeoff and landing capability on demand… so if you want to get somewhere without traffic and fast, you press a button.”

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